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Up early? Tune in to Koin 6 News.

I’ll let you know right now, I’m NOT a morning person. Never have been, never will be. There are times that I’m envious of the folks who effortlessly awake, ready to take on a new day before the sun rises. For me on the other hand, give me an extra hour to sleep and I’ll […]

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Weddings Portland Style Today!

Tune in today at noon to watch Weddings Portland Style. You may see Ericka and I talking about the upcoming Art of Weddings event. I’m guessing you’ll see more of Ericka since I felt like the words I wanted to say just didn’t want to come out of my mouth the day we taped! I […]

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Updates for Art of Weddings

Every year that I decide to have an Art of Weddings event, a few of my friends say to me,”wow, that sounds like a lot of work.” It is, but I love it! I love finding fabulous vendors who will participate, I love working on the fashion show and I get so excited as the […]

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The Art of Weddings!

I’m excited to announce that The Art of Weddings event is back for it’s third year! I started this event with Marlynn of Urban Bliss Designs four years ago. We met over many coffee dates, chatted and came up with the idea of creating a new kind of wedding event. After the first year Marlynn […]

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