A new year and The Art of Weddings!

Happy 2010 everyone! I hope you had a great holiday vacation with family and friends. I’ve been a bit behind on posting here this past week because I’ve been busy organizing and putting together the final details for the upcoming Art of Weddings event. Planning an event like this is so similar to putting together a wedding. There are a ton of small details that need to be done at different intervals and my stress level varies from day to day!

This week is dedicated to all those final details and finding some time to put my display together in between communicating with all the vendors. I should be sleeping right now but I can’t! Tomorrow morning myself and a few other vendors such as Portland Photo Booth, Amai Unmei, West Coast Rentals, Studio Del Fiore and more will be waking up at 4am for a live taping with Koin 6 news.

We’ll be on air from 5-7am randomly showing some highlights of what will be on display thursday nite at Portland Center Stage. If you are still looking for a venue site, you have to come check out this space. It’s so great. Wide open, with a great view from both levels and a mix of modern and historic architecture.

Tickets are for sale online now until Jan. 6th. Then it will be cash only at the door! To buy your tickets now visit Art of Weddings. Hope to see you there!