Alana + Mat Married in Vegas.

I know you two have been waiting for this post…here you go Alana & Mat, enjoy!

Alana and Mat headed to Las Vegas with a small group of friends and family to tie the knot. Danen and I met them out there the day before the wedding and were able to meet most of the group at their rehearsal dinner. Alana was fighting a head cold all weekend, but she didn’t let that keep her from having a good time! She’s going to kill me but I had to post the image of her using a eucalyptus inhaler to clear her sinuses; how often do you see a bride doing that? The morning of the wedding on Feb. 28th we all woke up and took a taxi to the Neon Boneyard. I’ll be posting those pictures soon. 

After the shoot at the boneyard we all went back to Mandalay Bay so they could start getting ready. Everyone headed out to The Little Chapel of the West for the short and sweet ceremony. I was really excited to shoot at a Vegas chapel. Then right as the ceremony was starting a man came up to Danen and I and said, ” you have to sit down on that bench in the corner and can’t stand up at all to take pictures.” I was shocked! I looked him squarely in the eyes and said, ” you mean I can’t even stand in the aisle at the back of the church?!”.  No, he said. So, following the rules the best I could I leaned over while still staying seating to take the ceremony pics. After about five minutes the ceremony was over and it was time to celebrate! Everyone headed back to the hotel to Mat & Alan’s suite. After that a group of them headed out onto the strip to whoop it up. We headed back to our room and took a nap! A sign that I’m getting old. We had so much fun all weekend with Mat & Alana. They really made us feel welcomed and we made some new friends. Enjoy highlights from their day and check back soon for the Neon Boneyard images…