An Interview with Andrew Funderburg

I’m very thrilled to announce a new series of photographer interviews here on my F/15 blog. I will be interviewing experienced photographers. Some of them are friends/ colleagues, others are artists who’s work I’m drawn to. My goal is to share a little bit about them with you. I’m not going to focus on what’s in their gear bag. To me, that’s not as important as what’s in their heart. You can have the best gear but still take a bad photo. Photography is about expressing yourself while capturing a moment in time to share with others. Remember to always be kind and supportive of your fellow artists. “Supporting another’s success will never dampen you.” Author Unknown.  Enough of me chatting, lets get to the good stuff.


Andrew Funderburg

Where do you currently live?   “Beaverton”

What’s your age? 45 (46 in March)

How do you make a living from photography?

“I used to shoot weddings and portraits for income. Currently I’m the founder of Fundy Software. I feel like it is my mission in life to get people printing more. I think that albums and wall art are so important for families, as they are a legacy that we can pass on to our children and grandchildren.

 We create the leading professional album design and wall art design software in the world. And our goal is that every portrait and wedding client has an album or wall art to pass down to their future generations.”


At what age did you discover you were interested in photography?

“Back in 1991 I took 300 level photography course my entire junior year. We learned to shoot TriX black and white film, develop and print. I loved it, but didn’t have access to shoot more while living overseas. In 2000, my first son was born and I was hooked again. It was then that I started shooting weddings and portraits while living in Japan (where I lived for 13 years).”

 Is there another photographer who’s work inspires you? If so, who and why?

“I’m inspired by photographers who capture the beauty and tragedy of every day life. I love photography that is part art and part social commentary. I’m a bit old school in my thinking. I love photographers like Steve McCurry, David Alan Harvey, Vivian Meier and Mary Ellen Mark.”

 How would you describe your photography style?

“Again, I’m very old school. I like to keep things simple. Currently I’m shooting with a Leica M 240 digital and only two lenses. I shoot with just the 35mm and the 50mm. I only shoot in BW and shoot in JPEG so I do not have the option to change to color.

 My personal project is currently to create a print for every day of the year, a print 365 project. I use the 35mm for action shots on the street. I use the 50mm for street portraits.”

 Is there a reason why you are drawn to the above style you mentioned?

“I love looking at old street photography, as it is a window into the past. In my own way, I’m trying to create that window into the past.”

 What is one tip of piece of advice you wish you would have known sooner to help your photography?

“I think that the biggest piece of advice I would give my younger self is to be confident in what your heart tells you. I always see these great color images with wide angle lenses and multiple strobes and I feel like I have to do everything to be a great photographer. I think that we must realize that it is ok to love other types of photography and styles but still stick to our own vision. I love the 35mm and 50mm focal lengths and love BW. I need to stick with what speaks to my heart.”

Thanks again to Andrew for taking the time to chat with us. Enjoy a sampling of his work below. Please note, these images are all copyrighted via Andrew Funderburg. Please contact him directly for use of any images in this blog post. Cheers!