Anne + Michael=Married

Anne and Michael or aka Brody, were married at the University Club on Aug. 8th, 2009. The couple lives in Seattle but has family back here in Portland. These two are great. A mix of intellectual and crazy fun, organized and relaxed. It was great to see all their sides come out on the wedding day. I also always love it when a couple infuses their day with both of their cultural backgrounds. During the ceremony Brody stepped on a glass in Jewish Tradition and they used bright red as their color which symbolizes good luck for the Chinese. Everything was simply, elegant and lovely. Now let’s talk about the reception! I have photographed a lot of weddings. So many now that I have lost count. I know how an event will unfold and am rarely surprised by what happens during the day. What I wasn’t counting on for Anne & Brody’s wedding was a group that would dance like wild people, all nite long! Once the DJ opened up that dance floor it was on! From bumping and grinding to busting out the worm and finally ending the nite with a conga line. I was laughing and smiling all night watching everyone have a great time. Here are some highlights from their day, enjoy!