Annie + Steve = Married.

Annie and Steve were married on a very, hot day. June 28th was the weekend of our first heat wave, breaking into 100 degrees! This didn’t stop everyone from celebrating. Annie & Steve made sure the event was filled with meaningful touches. Hosting the party in their backyard they held the ceremony in-the-round so everyone had a good view. Instead of a guest book they had folks sign a tablecloth that was also embroidered with their names and their wedding date. Annie wore her mother’s wedding gown which she altered slightly by turning the long sleeves into cap sleeves. 

Annie’s brother and Steve’s sister performed the touching ceremony and then it was time to sit back and mingle with the Ol’ Time Fiddlers playing in the background.  I loved how Annie called the cupcakes the “Cupcake Tower of Love”, which was cut into quickly before the heat turned the frosting into liquid sugar! Thanks for having us capture your day, we really enjoyed being a part of it. To see more from their day watch the slideshow here.