Annie + Steve’s Engagement Pics

Before I post Annie & Steve’s wedding images, I need to share with you their amazing engagement session. Let’s back track to when I first spoke with Annie on the phone. She was concerned with not being very photogenic and was looking for someone to make sure she didn’t make too many funny faces during the shoot…a few are ok in my book! Then we started talking about location ideas when Annie had the great idea of taking the images on Steve’s grandfather’s farm.  I met them at their home and I saw the bright, blue mustang sitting in the driveway looking shiny and fast. They loaded their dog Maverick into the car, I was shocked they let him ride in it, there’s no way I’d do that with my pups! 

We had a great time, the farm was amazing. Steve pulled the old John Deer out of the barn and they climbed up on to it. Then it was off to the hay bails and some fun time with the car.I was having flashbacks to Wisconsin where I grew up around farms like this and discovered my love of old cars thanks to my dad. 
Maverick was in doggy heaven, running around like a mad man and then he found an old bath tub filled with water! You can see the results below. After the shoot we had some burgers and chatted about the history of Portland. I really enjoyed my time with them and had a great time at the wedding as well, which will be posted soon! Oh, and I think Annie looked absolutely beautiful in the photos. Steve looked good too!