Baby Marlowe has arrived!

My husband and I are so excited for our good friends Melanie and Frost. On Thur, June 27th at 7:10am they welcomed baby Marlowe into the world! I can’t wait to meet her! It seems like just yesterday we were strolling through the mall, doing what we do best; shopping, and she told me she was pregnant. Since then she was so cute during her pregnancy, enjoying every month. We were able to snap a few images of them before Marlowe arrived. Below are some of the images from their session at their home-which is a great spot to take your maternity pics-you can add more of your style and personality to the images. 

Let me just say, this baby is going to be one stylish little one. From her dad who loves painting and drawing to mom who is up to date on fashion and graphics. I truly value your friendship and can’t wait to create new memories with Marlowe, love you! 

Don’t you just love the mini canvas prints on their wall from their wedding! Fun.
I remember one of the first times Danen and I played Scrabble at their house. We knew we were going to get schooled when they each had their own customized letter holder with their names on it and the official Scrabble dictionary. Yes, you guessed it, we lost!