Blog via Email…

Hi Everyone, I hope you are out enjoying the beautiful day. We’ve been waiting for our good weather to come back for awhile now. So I totally spaced on Friday, I was going to post engagement pics of Angie & Vincent. They were married yesterday at Cornielus Pass Roadhouse. It was a lovely event and am excited to show you pics.  I’ll post some engagement images tomorrow.

I’m excited to have the email option back up on my blog. If you look over the right you’ll see where you can sign up to receive my blog posts via email. That way when you are at the office and bored, you can read my posts thru your email and it will look like you’re working! 
It’s also great so you don’t have to check here as often to see if I added anything new. Ahh, gotta love technology (when it works!). 
Have a great day!