Brand Your Business

What is photography branding for your business?

If you are a small business owner you know you do more then one thing. You wear all the hats. You are managing everything from filling client orders, placing wholesale orders, hiring and training staff, working with customers and so on. You get the idea. You are busy. 

Now with all you have going on, you still need to be able to showcase to your customers or clients what it is you do and why you are great at it. How do you do that? With professional photographs. One thing many businesses do not have are a professional set of images that showcase what their business looks like, what it offers and who are the people making it happen. Without these essential things someone may visit your website and then quickly leave. If you don’t get to see what the restaurant’s food and ambiance looks like you are likely to seek another one. If you don’t get to see the relaxing interior of the spa you want to spend an afternoon at, you will find one that does.

Make personal connections.

Now more then ever your customer or client wants to connect with you. They want to see who you are. What is your story behind what you do and why you do it. You see this everywhere on social media. It is labeled what people are seeking, social connections. Having a set of images that showcase your personality, your style, your uniqueness is more important than ever before.

Is it starting to become more clear now?

Without images that tell the story of who and what your business is you are loosing potential clients and customers. I don’t want that to happen to you! Small and local businesses are the backbone of any great community. Let’s showcase all your hard work and efforts. Your professional set of branding images can then be used on you website, Instagram, Facebook, business cards, menu’s, flyers and more! Your brand is more then just a logo; it’s the atmosphere, feeling and creativity of you and your business.

During your session I will capture your product and or services. You can also add on portraits of yourself and staff which I highly recommend. Besides photographing these two key elements I will also take time to photograph the moments as they happen. Nothing will be staged. I will capture what happens at your business on a daily basis, this is what you want to share online.

Your final images will be available in print size and also re-sized for using on the web. Images can then be used on social media, in print and marketing for your small business. Email me with any questions you may have. I can’t wait to help your grow your business or update your photographs!