Portraits for Business

I shoot a good amount of “head shots” or business portraits for people. Most of the time they call me saying they have to get a new picture taken for their business card, website, graduation, job interview or just because. It’s funny because more likely than not, these folks are dreading having to have their photo taken. I assure them it will be easy, go quickly and they will have fun! These images are meant to be simple so the person’s personality can shine thru. Everyone should have a few good photos of themselves taken at some point in their lives. One of the girls below wanted to have images taken because after her father passed away she realized she didn’t have any good images of him, only a few random snap shots that weren’t that great. She realized how important a single image can be for others to remember you by. I thought that was really touching. It made me want to go and have more images taken of myself. You never know when or how you’ll use one. Here are few of my past clients. Have a great weekend, I’m off to the coast for mini-vacation with friends! Catch ya next week!