Danielle + Dane’s Engagement Session. Part 1

One of the things that draws me to photography is that when it really clicks (no pun intended) is when the people I’m working with are also creative and have a vision for their shoot. They don’t micro manage it. They show up ready with props, clothing options and we have talked about locations ahead of time. Then it all comes together the day of and they let me do my thing, composing and taking the images. I think when a couple see’s images online and likes them and then tells the photographer things like, “what if we pose like this or I do this and he does that?” it starts to take the creativity away from the photographer. At least that is what happens with me. My vision starts to fade and now I’m just shooting.

This was not the case with Danielle & Dane. I couldn’t have been more thrilled to see what they had brought with them when I arrived on site. Classic red chevy truck, yes please! This was their first idea; that they are going out on a date and the truck breaks down. Below some of my favorites from part one of their engagement session. Enjoy!