Erin + Chad’s Engagement Images

As you are reading this post I am currently in my home state of Wisconsin. I’m here to photograph Erin & Chad’s wedding on July 18th which will take place at both of their parents homes. I found out during their engagement session that their parents live two miles from each other! How crazy is that? So the ceremony will take place at Chad’s parent’s home and the reception at Erin’s. I think it’s really cool that they are sharing the event with both families. It will make it very special.

For their engagement session they gave me free reign to pick locations for the shoot. I love it when clients trust me to find a cool location for images. Their session took us all around SE and included a bright pink wall, green garage doors, a freight train passing by and finally to a burnt down warehouse. I had so much fun photographing the two of them, they are super cute and stylish and willing to do just about anything! They must have thought I was a total dork when my eyes got super wide and I started rambling about how cool the burnt down building was. I love that kind of stuff! I am so so excited to photograph their wedding. I also can’t wait to see some old friends from college who will be there, it’s going to be a lot of fun! Enjoy.