Etain Wilday. Art Institute Fashion.

I love working with fashion design students at The Art Institute of Portland. By the time I meet them they are very close to graduating from their program and in the midst of putting together their senior portfolio. Students have the option to find their own photographer, some have friends shoot their looks and others decide to go with a professional. When it comes to your portfolio, cutting corners will always show, especially with photos. I give any students who want to work with me a student discount, this gives them chance to be able to afford quality images and see the difference.

I headed down to the Art Institute last weekend to meet up with the talented Etain Wilday. As with all students I shoot during their senior year, they are a bit flustered, nervous and excited for their photo shoot. These students work hours and hours to create one of a kind looks. What’s special about Etain is that she is specializing in costume and theatre designs. Take your time looking at the images below, she made everything you see on the models; the hats, the goggles, the jackets, boot covers etc! That is pretty amazing and takes a lot of dedication and time. I know it’s still a little ways off, but congrats Etain on graduating and good luck with your fashion endeavors!