Etsy Spring Sale

Where is Spring? It’s shows itself then the next day there is a snow storm. Whew, winter weather can really play with us. Just when you think it is done and the flowers are about to pop up from the ground Mother Nature gives ya a wake up call and sends in a winter storm.

It’s ok. We will get through it and before you know it you will be laughing and drinking fruity cocktails while trying not to get sun burned. In the mean time to fight the winter blues I’m having an Etsy Spring Sale. Why not add a little color to your home decor? A dash of pink, orange or yellow will brighten up any room.

Visit my shop today and enter code: Spring   when checking out and you’ll receive 25% off your total order. This is only good until March 31st, so don’t delay. To use the code you must spend a minimum of $30.

Visit my Etsy Store front by clicking this link. Enjoy!