Etsy Storefront – Fine Art Photography

While visiting with different friends over a period of a few months I started to hear the same question being asked of me, “Why don’t you open an Etsy storefront?” I had good reasons why I had not. I honestly don’t even remember what they are now but I know I was rattled them off quickly. Then one day while I was shopping on Etsy I thought to myself, “Why don’t I have one?”

That day I opened my Etsy storefront. I’m very excited for this for a few reasons. One it gives me a great way to share and showcase my personal photography work. Many of these images were taken in my home state of Wisconsin while wondering around the countryside. The other reason is I am an artist and have always been but have been guarded about putting myself out there. I’m done with that. I’m done hiding because I’m afraid people will copy or steal my work. It’s already happened so many times that I don’t care anymore. I’ve been through it. Now I want the photographs that I take, that make me happy to make someone else happy. If I can bring a little bit of joy into someone home I feel I have succeeded.

Head over to my storefront, be sure to favorite the page so you will be notified when I add new photography. These images are available as loose prints which come dry mounted ready to place into your own frame. The other option is to buy the photo framed or framed and matted with acrylic so it is safe to ship. The images come with copyright information as well as a signed certification from me in a black box tied with ribbon. Thanks for supporting artists!

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