Graphic Design Services

If you know me you know I love design. That includes furniture, home interior, and graphics. I actually wanted to be a graphic designer and that was my intention when going to college. I was disappointed to find out I was behind my classmates when I arrived. I did not have a computer in my house and was not exposed to photoshop at a young age. My family couldn’t afford that kind of technology at the time.

The other thing that didn’t help is that the professor that taught all the design classes seemed to favorite the best students in the class, making the others feel left behind. This was unfortunate and I won’t name names but his attitude made me not want to continue with the courses and I switched half way through to a fine art degree. Who knows where or what I’d be doing today if I would have had the encouragement I needed to continue and grow.

Now later in my life I find myself being brought back to what I have always loved. I am now offering design services which include logo, business card, social media and more. I love being able to help small business’ look good and feel good about what they do and offer. Rates are affordable, because I know what it takes to start a business and all the costs involved. With affordable rates come quick turnaround because we all need to get things done quickly these days.

Message me if you have a project you’d like me to work on for you. Email at alexisarnoldphotography@gmail.com.