Happy 2008!

Happy New Year to you. I hope your holidays were relaxing and fun! A new year always seems like a great time to reflect on what changes we want to make in our careers, health, and relationships. But before the changes can happen I feel like one needs to give thanks to all the achievements made in the previous year.

So, with that said I’d like to give a huge thank you to all my wonderful clients of 2007! From fun family sessions to capturing the emotions of newborn babies to all the wedding day vows, it was never a dull moment. All of you are unique and creative in your own way and I thank you for trusting me to capture the moments that are important to you. Thank you!

2007 was really a fun year for me and the biz, the biggest highlight would be moving into my own studio space in the Ford Building. When I worked in a professional photo lab in Minneapolis I had the chance to go on a couple pick-up/delivery runs one day and will always remember walking into one photographers studio. It was an old warehouse building with the original freight elevator and really tall ceilings. It had an urban beauty to it…I walked into the studio space and fell in love! I new right then and there that I had to have a space like that. About nine years later the dream came true! Fun stuff.

To celebrate the year change, here are some fun images from a day after bridal session with my friends Sarah and Paul. I was not able to shoot their wedding, due to a date change, but I handed them over to the lovely Katie Jervis who took great care of them! We headed out to their parents house to shoot this together, it was fun shooting with Katie! Enjoy.