Here we go…

August has officially started. The sun is out, well maybe not today, and it’s time to get married! This month is going to be crazy fun and fly by. The weekend starts out with Kelsey and Josh getting married at the sweetest little chapel near Oaks Park, I honestly can’t wait for tomorrow. We’re going to have access to the amusement park for photos, I think I might pass out from the excitement of shooting with that backdrop! These two have kind hearts but always keep it a bit goofy. Love that. See you soon:)

Then it’s off to the beautiful Garden Vineyards on Sunday for Karen & Eric’s wedding. I’m excited to head out there since I’ve never shot there before and being outside all day is always a treat. I was surprised to see they are a bit silly, this side didn’t come out until we did their engagement session downtown. At one point they started arm wrestling, I thought Karen was going to beat him for a minute and she might have since he had injured his arm doing this with a friend awhile back…ouch!  I love how they connect with each other when they are together. And then I love how they can strike a silly pose just for fun…can’t wait you two. See you Sunday!