High School Graduation Photos

Do you remember your high school graduation? I don’t remember the ceremony but I do remember everyone spilling out into the parking lot afterwards in their gown and cap to hug and give cheers with family and friends. We had done it. It’s a big accomplishment to finish anything you start. It could be something that takes a few minutes or something that takes years. School is more about learning how to complete tasks. Hopefully along the way you will also learn what you like to do. Do you enjoy math and numbers or painting and drawing? These simple things will help guide you to your profession later in life.

One of the best things about school is the teachers and the time and energy they put into each of us. Some are harder on us and some are more laid back but they are there, day in and day out. It’s often a thankless job for teachers and professors so remember to say, “Hey, thanks for being my teacher.” I bet that will make their day. Right before you complete your four years of High School you schedule a session to have your portraits taken. These images are not just for your yearbook photo, which is important, but they are taken to commemroate you! You completed part of your education. You did it from start to finish. This is a big deal whether you think it is or not. So let’s capture your High School Senior photos!

I couldn’t have been more thrilled to photograph a young man named Zachary who attends East High School in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Most people including adults when they are photographed tend to smile and laugh more due to a nervous energy. I like capturing both smiles and serious looks. Most folks have more trouble being serious or still in a photo but not Zachary, he had this blue steel look that came naturally. I think you’ll see it in his images below. Now is a great time to schedule your High School Senior photos. I have three different packages available and there is no travel fee for photo session in Door County, WI (where I grew up). Contact me to reserve your date, summer will go quickly so don’t delay! In the meantime enjoy this gallery.

Cheers- Alexis

High School Senior Portraits for Green Bay, Appleton and Door County, WI


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