High School Senior Ambassador

Does it feel like Spring? No, not at all. As I’m writing this there over 12 inches of snow outside and more to come. Spring is feeling more like winter 2.0 right now and no one is happy about it. I’m sure you are over this late snow and cold weather just like I am. I’m ready for spring tulips, warm breezes, hanging out on the beach and back yard bbq’s. Summer also means it’s time to think about High School Senior Photos. I’m currently reserving dates for the graduating class of 2019. This includes schools in Green Bay area and Door County High Schools. There is no additional travel fee for any sessions taken in Door County (unless it’s all the way up to Ellison Bay!)

What exactly happens at your senior portrait session? It’s pretty simple, before hand we will discuss the look you would like to showcase. Do you want an urban backdrop or do you prefer the beauty of nature? Are you a track star or member of the dance team? If so you will need to decide if you’d like a photograph capturing that part of you. I do recommend up to three outfits, with two casual looks and one that is dressy. Keep your looks simple and stay away from stripes and very small patterns on your outfits. One last thing to think about is the color of your eyes and hair. Blondes look better in cool colors like blues and grey while brunettes will look more flattering in warmer tones such as burgundy and tan.

One thing about my work is that it is never over processed. I capture the person as they are and who they are. I want to create images that will be viewed for a lifetime and not look dated when you do look at them. Remember spot coloring? That’s when only one area was in color and the rest in black and white. Well that is a trend and it didn’t last and now when you a photo like that you know it’s old and honestly, it looks bad. My job is to keep it real. Real portraits, real images that tell your story. I also believe beautiful images don’t need to cost a fortune which is why my packages start at $250.

Do you need some gift ideas for how to celebrate your graduating senior? I personally love printed materials. Being able to hold the item in your hands and feel the texture and weight of it makes it more personal. When I am seeking beautiful gift items I head over to Minted.com.  

You will find unique and artistic gifts to share with all your family and friends. I have been a huge fan of Minted for many years and feel fortunate to also have some of my fine art photographs featured on their site.

Email me directly at alexisarnoldphotography@gmail.com to reserve your session. I recommend booking your date early to hold your spot. If you are interested in being an ambassador for your school you must email me before May 15th to be considered and include a recent photo of yourself. I only have three spots available for school ambassador’s.

I can’t wait to meet you and photograph your high school senior photos!

Cheers- Alexis