I’m back!

We returned yesterday afternoon from the whirlwind trip to Vegas for Mat & Alana’s wedding. The wedding day was so much fun. The highlight for us was going to the Neon Boneyard Saturday morning. Getting up at 6:30am is not my favorite thing to do but when get to go to such a visual place for pictures, it’s worth it! It was certainly an adventurous way to start off their day. The cab driver kind of knew where to take us and when he dropped us off there was no one in sight. We all wondered what we had gotten ourselves in to. It’s just some chain link fences with barbed wire all around it where all the signs are. After a few phone calls we were met by Dan who would let us in for the shoot. He was great and the miscommunication was solved!  I can’t wait to share the pics with all of you.

Until then, I’m playing catch up on emails and phone calls. It’s amazing how many emails you have after not checking them for three days! Over 300 to be exact. So, I’ll be back to blogging shortly. 

Have a great day!