I’m back and contest results!

Well, I survived the Madonna concert in Vancouver, B.C. It was really a fun mini vacation with my friend Steph. We walked around downtown, shopped, ate and then went to the concert on Thur nite. The show was packed. I’ve never been to an event with so many people…it was a bit scary getting in and out of the stadium. They didn’t control the flow of people at all and on the way out of it we were caught in a huge pack of folks wedged between a wall and the building. At one point the guy in front of me (one of the 10% at the show) turned to me and said “stop pushing me! If I fall down you are going with me!”  What’s so funny about this is that we were in a sea of people and no one had a way out so we all had to slowly move together. I think he was starting to panic. Yikes! 

If you want to see some pics from my trip find me on Facebook! I just posted some images there.
Let’s get to some fun stuff. I have my results from the ISPWP photo contest. This time I entered more images and ended up placing 16th overall!  This is pretty exciting since I was up against many talented folks. In each category you could place 1 thru 20. Here are the pics and results! Enjoy.

Shoe shot from Alex & Sam’s wedding.

1st place! ring shot from Eric & Karen’s wedding.
The lovely Eric & Karen.
Deena & Seth’s reception.
Lauren & Scott exiting after ceremony.
3rd place! Shot of Scott.
Alex & Sam working it for the camera.
The super cute Pam from Pam & Norm’s wedding.
Alex & Sam’s wedding.
Lauren & Scott’s wedding.
Kelsey & Josh…so cute!
Jade & Eric exiting the church.
Ring bearer at Sandra & Tim’s wedding.
Thanks to all my fabulous wedding couples for letting me try out new shots and posing on you and for letting me be creative with your wedding day! I truly appreciate it.