I’ve Been Minted

I love design. I originally went to college thinking I would be a graphic designer. Then I was met with some challenges I didn’t see ahead of time. All my fellow students had been working on computers at home with photoshop all ready. I didn’t have the luxury. The professor also liked to favorite students, which left me out since I had little experience in the field prior to college. So I switched majors and focused on fine art. I have a love for both will my heart will always have a soft spot for graphic design.

Which brings me to www.Minted.com. It is such a wonderful site with so many talented artists. Did you know that they do searches for artists and the lucky ones become members with them to sell their art? I have recently been blessed with that. I just created some new images for them and with your feedback and likes they can be made available for sale.

Here are my current fine art photography works that have that graphic element to them. These are black and white photographs of an everyday object, sewing thread. I am always amazed at how easy it is to change an everyday object into an abstract piece of art. Simplicity and chaos at it’s best.

Click on each link to view them and vote. Your opinion matters so thank you in advance.

Abstract Lines  Abstract Lines 2  Abstract Lines 3   Abstract Lines 4

And then head over to my store front to see my award winning designs.


Images copyright Alexis Arnold 2016.