Katie + Chino’s Engagement Session

I often ask my couples if their is location that has meaning to them where we can take engagement images. Sometimes it’s where they proposed, sometimes it’s a neighborhood they hang out at. When I asked Katie and Chino, Chino, said “I love feeding the ducks. Can we take pictures of that?”  First, I met up with them at their new home in Sellwood and we took some pics with their new puppy, who is so big he doesn’t look like a puppy at all! I love dogs so it was a ton of fun getting to meet him. Then it was off a nearby local park. Unfortunately, their were no ducks! Instead it was all geese, which can get mean. Here we all are, surrounded by geese who want food and want it now! Luckily Chino had his tub of seed for them to keep them happy. After avoiding getting a finger bit off we drove down to Oaks Amusement Park. It was the perfect spot to take them since Chino is constantly making Katie smile and laugh! Can’t wait to capture all the laughter on their wedding day in August. Enjoy,