Katie + James’ Day After Session.

Even though Katie and James were worn out and tired from a fabulous wedding the nite before, they managed to wake up and be ready for their day after session right on time. If it was me I would have slept in a few more minutes. Katie was smart enough to put her flowers in water overnite so she had them the next day. Then they hopped in our car and James gave me directions to get us into Gastown in Vancouver, BC. Note that at the wedding a few locals gave me the run down on this interesting part of town. It seems to have two sides; at night it’s a seedy, drug filled area while during the day it’s a trendy, urban shopping district.

As soon as we got out of the car and started walking to find our first spot to shoot, a couple of police officer’s handcuffed them together, without asking! It was so funny and totally caught me off gaurd…I starting shooting right away!

The second half of their session took us to the waterfront where the cruise ships dock. The view was amazing as we watched waterplanes land and take off. A funny thing happened while we were there, James and I both had to use the restroom so we headed inside together leaving Karen and Katie waiting outside. I felt as though I had a record time getting in and out of the bathroom. For some reason I sometimes like to race my husband at this task. So, I stepped out and stood nearby since I didn’t see James anywhere. I thought to myself “Yes, I won!”. So I waited and waited and waited. Then I started to wonder, is he sick from the nite before? Do I ask a stranger to go in and check on him? How long do I wait until I go back to the group? Then I see Karen walking down the hallway towards me…she asks, Are you ok? Yes I reply, why? Because James is outside with us and we all thought you were sick! We had a quick laugh about it and started shooting again. I guess I’m just trained with my husband always waiting for me. Enjoy the pics.