Katie + James = Married!

Karen and I packed up and hit the road  June 13th and headed north bound toward beautiful Vancouver, Canada. The ride went quicker than I expected, great driving weather the whole way. Getting across the border was another story. After telling them what were there for, we were asked to drive off to the side and go in to a small building. There we handed over our passports, took a seat and waited. Then we waited some more and some more. I thought they’d check my gear, make sure we weren’t smuggling anything but they didn’t even search the car. They were more concerned with the fact that we were Americans going to work in Canada. I didn’t know this, but you are suppose to apply for a work application for crossing over. The funny thing about this is that even if you apply for this, your are not guaranteed you will do the job. You see the Canadians want to find someone in Canada to do the job first, regardless if you were hired directly by them. So we had to sit for an hour waiting to be let into the country. It was interesting how their border patrol lacked emotion and were totally fine chatting with each other then doing our paperwork! 

But once we were permitted to cross over the adventure began. We met up with Katie and her girlfriends at a local venue to see a band. She was having a great time with her girls, it was fun to meet them as well. The next day, June 14th was the big day. Everyone was so nice to us, they really made us feel like part of the family. We all headed down to the beach where it was sunny and really windy. They gathered, said their vows and were married! It was sweet, intimate and casual. 
Then it was off to Abigail’s for wine, cocktails and snacks. The food was amazing, the conversations were hilarious and Katie and James were filled with love. We truly had a wonderful time and wish we could have stayed longer. We did a day after session on Sunday, be sure to check back to view those pics…these two are great in front of the camera. Thanks for having us capture your day! Here is the slideshow link.  Congrats.