My Portland Photographer Blog

I think I’ve mentioned this blog to you before but a new feature has been added to it that is worth mentioning. If you haven’t been to the My Portland Photographer blog yet, take a moment to check it out. It’s a collaboration of twenty of Portland’s most experienced and talented wedding photographers. Everyday during the week four of us will post a single image we have taken at an event and a brief note about the image. I feel honored to be a part of this group and am friends with almost all of the photographers on there. If you are looking for a wedding photographer this is a great site to start out at. You can find some images that stand out to you and then click on the profile of the photographer at the bottom of the site to see all their posts.

The new feature that was added not too long ago is the ability to do a date check on the site. You can enter your wedding date and a list of photographers who are currently available will pop up. How cool is that? You can find the link to the date check at the bottom of the page as well. I post an image every Wednesday if you’d like to follow my posts.