Neon Boneyard in Las Vegas

As I mentioned in Alana & Mat’s wedding post, we started their wedding off in true Vegas style by heading to the historic Neon Boneyard off the strip. We were dropped off on a side street by the taxi driver and were left standing in the street. We walked around looking for an entrance or my contact for the day and didn’t see or find anything. The whole thing is fenced off with barbed wire on top. Hmm, we wondered if the shoot was really going to happen? I called, left messages and called again. Soon, I received a call back and he was on his way to let us in. When he opened the gates I was instantly in photo heaven! Where to start what my main thought, so we just dove in. This was really the highlight of the trip. The colors, huge signs and history we were experiencing was so much fun. Mat and Alana rocked it for the session. Here are some pics…enjoy!