No bathroom!

I’m happy to announce that the new pub going in next to me will not be knocking thru my wall to create their bathroom. They came to me and said, “Guess what? The city said we don’t need to add an extra bathroom, you lucked out!” I guess I did, but the stress that they put me thru for the days that I had to wait to find this out were not fun at all. So I’m pleased and very relieved that I don’t have to look for a new space.

This week is a bit crazy, with lots of edits, shoots and a double wedding weekend. My mouse for my computer decided to stop taking charge and finally died today. I spent the good part of my morning running to the store to buy a new one and then trying to get the darn thing to work! It was so much fun, let me tell you that I hate it when I have to trouble shoot something so simple. It ended up that I needed to install a new driver for it, funny thing was that they didn’t include a disk and wanted you to download it. Even funnier was that I couldn’t open up their website since the mouse didn’t work! Now up back up and running and editing like a mad-woman.