Paint, Paint and More Paint. Oh, a Doggy Diaper too!

So you remember when I mentioned March Madness? Well, it was in full force over the weekend! To start it off, one of our dogs got sick. Maggie had an upset tummy which in dogs either leads to vomiting or diarrhea. Well, at one point she had both. Thankfully that didn’t last too long but the diarrhea did. Poor girl is afraid of her butt when she doesn’t feel good, thus leads to some interesting experiences. My husband crafted the lovely outfit for her while waiting to visit the vet…the picture says it all!

After she was feeling better we headed down to the studio space and started prepping it. We were able to seal the concrete floors rather fast. Love the way they ended up looking; brown and tan. Then on to the fun part…priming! Let me just say that I actually like painting. I love the immediate gratification you get from it (much like photography) and how it can transform a space. But, I’m getting really tired of it! Thank goodness for my husband…he paints like a pro! So, the pics below show primer and the brick almost finished as dark brown. It’s getting there!