Patio update.

The backyard transformation officially started Saturday July 19th when we had over 5 ton of rock delivered to our house. It’s crazy seeing a small dump truck pile up 3 tons of 1/4 minus rock in your driveway. It also makes you realize this is going to be a big project! (1/4 minus is rock that is a 1/4 of an inch or less in size-I recently learned this.) Next was the prep work. Dig up the clumps of grass where the patio is to go. Seems easy of enough, right? Wrong. I suck at moving dirt. Especially dirt that hasn’t moved in a very, very long time! I tried my best but ended up getting temporarily removed from that job so Danen could tackle it. He did an amazing job of clearing it out and in the process these are some of the things unearthed from our backyard. An old knob and tube socket, a wire hanger, lots of broken glass, and a plastic garbage lid. What were the previous owners doing back here? Odd.

Next we spent all day Sunday shoveling the 1/4 minus. I helped with this and it was not pleasant but it was rewarding to see it slowly being transformed. Later that nite Danen was excited to see the stone layed out, so he started placing a few pieces down and the puzzle began. The next day he spent finding pieces that would fit together visually and functionally. I came home from the studio and was shocked at how far he had gotten. It was really taking shape and looked so good. I could already see us sitting under the tree, sippin’ on cold beverages and relaxing.

It’s not done yet, but it’s about 90% there. Then there is the small detail of getting rid of all the dirt we dug up. Below are a few pics of the transformation.

Here’s what it looked like before excavation started.

All cleared out with a layer of weed guard down.

A large stack of beautiful stone. Dogs chillin’ on the first layer of 1/4 minus.

The stone almost completely laid out.