Photographers taking pics of each other.

This afternoon myself, Nicole of www.nicolewickens.com and Katie of www.katiejervis.com, spent the afternoon taking pictures of each other! I must say it was a little weird for me being in front of the camera but fun none the less. These ladies made me feel comfortable right away and it’s good to finally have some professional shots of myself. Katie said she didn’t want any pics of her, but I sneaked one in while she was shooting. Don’t tell! We’re hoping to take time out each month for the three of us to cruise around town and take pics just for the fun of it. Enjoy!

This is a shot I took of Nicole, love the color of the cowboy hat!

Nicole looking sassy on the bricks.

Love this portrait of her that I took.

Last shot of mine of Nicole.

Katie working hard.

Shot Katie took of me.

Working the camera for Katie!

Wow, it’s hard being a model!

Shot of Nicole by Katie.

Shot taken by Nicole.

Fun cross processed look by Nicole.

Last shot of me by Nicole.