Create Beautiful Photos in Your Home

Do you heart Instagram? I do. It’s such a great platform for photographers to share their work on a daily basis. If you are not following my feed, please do. It’s a condensed version of my website where you will find inspirational quotes, advice for shooting and business tips. Of course all accompanied by my amazing photos of fashion & food. What a great combo! Why did I mention all of that? Well, today’s post is something that was on my Instagram feed. It’s about shooting with what you have.

I posted three different images of a martini glass with¬†ingredients around it. Each of these images was taken in a bedroom using natural window light. The backdrop was a light grey wall which I blurred out. The items I used to create the image were; martini glass, lemon, rosemary, peppercorn, wooden tray, spring flowers from a nearby yard. All items were in my kitchen or found outside. Then the next step was composition. This is the fun part and it can also be a bit tedious. It’s worth taking your time. Start by setting up the glass on your counter, tray or other flat service. Now look thru the lens you will be shooting with (I used a 50mm) and make sure there is no additional clutter coming into the frame. If so move it out of the way. You want the background to be clean of distractions.

Arrange your props around the base of the glass. Bring them forward toward the camera and try moving them back as well. Shoot both. Which do you like better? Don’t have a bottle of vodka or gin around the house? No worries, a bottle of water will work just fine. I have often substituted non-alcohol beverages for alcohol in my photos. Be very careful pouring into the glass. You do not want liquid on the top sides of the glass. It is extremely hard to photoshop out. We will talk more about that in another post soon. Finally, add an adornment to the glass such as a lemon wedge or twist. Now the fun part, start shooting! I shot these straight on but feel free to experiment and get a small angle on the shot by standing slightly over the drink and shooting down. For me that didn’t work due to the small wooden tray I was working with.

These were shot at 1/160 sec on a Canon 7d with a 50mm lens at f/2.8. Did you like this article? Be sure to sign up for my newsletter below to get photography tips and advice only for my subscribers.


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