Photography Tips & Advice

Thanks for stopping by. Under the Learning section of my website I will share with you tips, tricks and advice on how to be a better photographer. Whether you are just getting started or have been shooting for a couple of years you will find something to help you. I’ve photographed over one hundred events, countless portrait sessions, and worked with businesses such at The Art Institute of Portland, Lincoln Restaurant and Sunshine Tavern, CRAVE publications and more. My photographs have been featured in Portland Bride & Groom Magazine & Oregon Bride. I have images that have placed in the print category in WPPI Las Vegas competitions as well as awards from Fearless Photographers.

While I continue shooting I am hear to give back to my fellow photographers. It’s not easy going out on this path and if it truly is your gift and passion, as it is mine, then the least I can do is share my knowledge with you! Enjoy and be sure to sign up for the newsletter and download your FREE Rule of Thirds Guide.