Professional Headshots

After I had some professional photos taken of myself I realized how important it is to have some quality images of yourself. Point and shoot cameras just don’t do it. Honestly, they make most of us look bad; with either a double chin, crazy red-eye or the flash blowing out all your features! I knew I’d need some good headshots for business purposes, such as my website and blog. There are so many other ways you can use them. Curt featured here is an aspiring actor and knew that having his friend snap some pics wouldn’t cut it. Now he has a solid set of photos to submit to agency’s and great pics for his family and friends. Ohh, don’t forget about facebook either! You’ll really stand out online with a great portrait. So whether it’s to remember how you looked in your 20’s, to get the man you’ve been waiting for by online dating or for your business website, don’t wait to get your photo taken! Just say cheese and rock it. Here are some of my fav’s from Curt’s headshot session. Enjoy.