Professional Portraits for Business

For some people having their photo taken is like going to the dentist. I always laugh when I hear that comparison since I’m not poking your gums with needles or drilling that cavity out! No, no, no. Having your photo taken should be enjoyable, fun and something you can use often to promote your business or what you do. Getting glammed up so you look your best is a good thing. That’s why I’ve teamed up with Mandy Zelinka Hair Stylist & Colie of Glam Rebel Make Up.

We work quickly to maximize your time. Make-up, hair and then photos and you are on to the rest of your day! This package is designed for your work team. We know there is more than just you making things happen, let your customers know who these people are and what they do for your business.

Contact us to book your portrait session. We look forward to making you look fabulous!