Wow, what a crazy past couple of days it has been! It’s always a bit silly when Portland gets snow. The news really freaks out and people stock up on food and supplies. Back home this is normal weather and mild. While we had a “storm”, our family was experiencing -20 degrees and a few feet of snow. Now that’s a winter storm and the kind I don’t miss! I prefer the warmer weather, never been much of fan of snow but it is nice to see it again. 

I’m sure everyone has been catching up on tasks with some extra free time. I’ve been working on my new website which I’m getting really excited to launch. The plan is to get it live by the end of this month, just in time for the new year. At that time my print prices and other packages will get updated as well. So if you still need to order prints from a recent session, now is the time!
Stay warm, brave the crowds at the stores and smile…the sun is out!