Spring Wisconsin Visit

I flew home in April to surprise my dad for his 60th birthday. It was a really fun trip and it’s always good to go home and see family & friends. I always make sure to block out time to drive around with my dad to take pictures of the landscape and old, worn down buildings, cars etc. This takes me back to before I became a professional photographer and would just wonder around all afternoon exploring Door County and photographing my finds. I have always been drawn to gritty, dirty and rusty textures on buildings & cars but I also appreciate the simple and beautiful landscape that my home town has to offer. On this trip I saw more wildlife in a week than I remember seeing growing up there! I saw turkeys grazing on the side of the road, some hawks and four snakes. I almost stepped on a snake while walking to take a picture. I screamed out loud and jumped back when I saw him! Here are some images from my trip. Enjoy!

Hey, all these images are copyright Jasmine Photography 2010. Don’t steal them…it’s bad karma!