Steph + Tom = Wedding this Sunday!

Stephanie and Tom are friends who are getting married this Sunday at the Governor. They also hate to have their picture taken, I’m guessing mainly because they have never seen any good pics them. I’d say about 50% of my clients fall into this category, the other 50% love pictures.

I recommended that while they were in town last weekend we do a quick engagement session to get the nerves out before the wedding day.
We had a great time (well I may have had more fun!) and ended up with some great images! Here’s a few from their adventure, Piper their dog came along as well.
I’m excited for Sunday, I’ll be shooting it with my good friend and talented photographer Nicole Wickens who is coming in from Montana. Besides her, there will be a ton of photographers at the event who originally introduced me to Steph when I first moved out here. Here’s some of the folks attending: Soren, this is the man who was kind enough to take me in and teach me a lot of what I know today, Jp & Amy– he also taught me a lot and both are so much fun to be around, Katie Kelly-good friend & sweetheart, Brian-doesn’t need a description!  Can’t wait to see everyone this weekend!