Stonehendge, Wa

I hope everyone had a nice, relaxing holiday with family and friends. It’s always seems to get stressful right up until the day before Thanksgiving but once it arrives everything is fine. Every year we host at our home. We open it up to friends who don’t fly home for the holiday. We usually have between eight to twelve folks and everyone brings a side dish. We cook up the turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing. It’s a pretty domestic day for me since I don’t do elaborate cooking very often. I enjoy it but not the clean up! Here are a few pics of the table decor I made. Since I had three days off we took a road trip on Saturday out to the Stonehendge Memorial in Washington. We had heard about it and thought it would be a fun destination. Oregon is such a beautiful state, no matter where you go there is always a great view. Since were out along the gorge we also took the opportunity to visit Maryhill Winery for some tasting and buying of wine! Enjoy the pics.

a0127a0129a0132a0134Day trip to Washington.