Take Ten More Photos

Today’s words of advice, wisdom or inspirational quote is from my little brain. I was thinking of ways to help out new photographers or ones who aren’t feeling their images are good enough. There is no instant path to being a great photographer. It does take time. It also takes taking more photos. It’s easy, it really is. Let’s say you are photographing a still life of fruit on your counter. The light coming in from the kitchen window in the morning is divine and you want to freeze that moment. You push the shutter five times. You feel good about it. Now push the shutter five more. Move your feet, adjust your settings, change the angle but however you do it – take twice as many photos as you think you should. We’ll get into this more in the future, be sure to sign up for the newsletter below to receive photography tips, tricks and real advice that won’t be featured here. Cheers -Alexis