The Art of Weddings!

I’m excited to announce that The Art of Weddings event is back for it’s third year!

I started this event with Marlynn of Urban Bliss Designs four years ago. We met over many coffee dates, chatted and came up with the idea of creating a new kind of wedding event. After the first year Marlynn had her second child and decided that she didn’t have time for it anymore, so I continued with it.

When the idea first came about it was at a point where I had heard many negative things about the other shows in town. I knew that a wedding event didn’t have to be this way. Why couldn’t it be fun & stylish? Why couldn’t it showcase dedicated vendors in a unique setting? I have met so many talented and unique vendors over the years photographing weddings that I felt like it was time they had a way to showcase their creativity; so The Art of Weddings was born!

This year I’ve teamed up with the wonderful Ericka, the creator of CRAVE events. She has been such a big help keeping us on track and finding the fabulous location for this year.

We just finished taping in my studio for a segment to be aired on the CW’s Portland NOW and Weddings Portland Style. I was nervous with the hot lights shining down on me. I seemed to forget what I really wanted to say and am not even sure what came out. Of course, after it was done I had some greats ideas to talk about! I’ll keep you posted when it will air. You’d think with my Vonage commercial practice I would have done better! Let me tell you, I give the news anchors big props for doing that day after day.

In the meantime, visit the website Art of Weddings for more information.