The Art of Weddings 2012

So yes, my posting has been lacking. I have good reason though. I’ve been busy organizing my annual event, The Art of Weddings. Each year the event changes which keeps it fresh and exciting. I started it over seven years ago and believe it or not but it was the first boutique bridal show in Portland. It has been paving the way ever since as a model for other shows but none can compare to it. The vendors displays are top notch, the fashion show is inspiring and everyone has a great time! So I have been working on getting fabulous vendors for you engaged couples and the 2012 event is shaping up to be the best yet, taking place at the modern Pure Space. We are excited!

I’m also busy working on something related to the event, which is taking me away from Jasmine Photography. I am still shooting but a very limited number of weddings for 2012. It is gonna be good folks, so stay tuned. Follow the event on facebook to be the first to know what is happening!

The website is being updated daily with logos, so check it out. Also you can watch the wonderful video from the last show to get a feel of what it is all about! Just click on the image below to watch it. Thanks to Ambient Sky for putting it together. Enjoy!