The New Studio Space!

I know many of you have been wondering and asking me where did I move to? My workspace and client meeting area is now located in the historic neighborhood of Kenton in North Portland at 2133 N Willis Blvd. I am really excited about my new space for a few key reasons.

1. I can now ride my bike to work. 

2. I am in walking distance to the bank and post office. 

3. I have my own little store front! My space is located on street level across from Kenton Park. 

4. I am so excited to have new urban and park backdrops to shoot against. 

The move is all complete and while I still have some unpacking to do, summer is in full swing so that has been put off for a bit. I will also be ordering some larger prints to go on the walls soon…as my husband keeps saying “bigger!” Here are a few pics of the before and after of the space. I think it looks much cuter in person, so if you are in the hood, drop on by and say hello!