The second set of winners are…

Melissa & Matt! I wrote about how I gave away an engagement session in my last post. Well, I had such a hard time picking one winner that I picked two! Melissa and Matt also won an engagement session. They will have been together for ten years when they get married and while I was with them they seemed like they were newly in love. So cute, sweet and having fun with each other. Melissa wanted to shoot at a few locations around town we bopped around. Our last location was the old sternwheeler docked on the river front. Melissa thought it would be cool to shoot there, I said sounds great! We were up there on the top deck for about ten minutes before we got kicked off the boat! Come to find out you are NOT allowed to just go on the boat without a guided tour. Good to know! Either way it was a fun shoot, here are my fav’s.

Check back soon, I’ll be announcing my annual fall portrait special for October and a fun location for them.