Top Three Tips for Photographing Business Portraits

If you enjoy photographing people then you will be asked at some point to take a head shot or business portrait for a client. These are a great way to make some extra income and also provide a great service for professionals. I am a true believer that if you are someone who provides a service of some kind to people that it’s important to have a photo and bio of yourself. This can be on your business card, website, blog, linkedin page etc. It shows professionalism and that you care about details of your business, including yourself. So let’s talk about the top three tips for photographing business portraits. These are tips I have been using for years. After shooting for a long time you naturally figure things out, unless you were lucky enough to have someone teach you! I’ve put them together in an easy to read chart that you can also Pin to your board.

tops three tips for photographing business portraits.


Let’s talk a little more about these. There is no reason for you to shoot over an hour for a basic business portrait/headshot. Why you ask? It’s simple, the more you shoot the more you have to edit. For business portraits/headshots I deliver three to five final edited images. They do not need more than that. If you deliver too many final images it’s overwhelming. Give the client the best of the best, this is what they want.

Two different outfits is enough to get two totally different looks. I recommend that they bring in a few options so I can see them. You want flattering colors, ones that bring out their eyes are really great. Stay away from red, it is a very bold and distracting color. I also recommend that men especially stay away from stripes and patterns on their dress shirts. What can happen is the patterns create something called “moire”. It makes the viewer almost sick when they look at it. Not a good look!

Everyone has a good side. We all do. It is not always visual to the human eye. When you photograph someone you are able to see way more than you can just by looking at someone. Don’t trust your eye with this task, trust your camera. Take time to shoot your client from the left side and the right side. The more you photograph people the quicker you will be able to recognize after you take the photo which is the best side. That is one of the great things about digital cameras, we can take a moment to look at the image small and make a decision on what we need to change.

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business portrait by alexis arnold photography


alexis arnold photography business portraits


alexis arnold photography business portraits


alexis arnold photography business portraits