Top Three Tips for Photographing Children

Many people get a nice camera when they have kids. This is most likely a Canon Rebel or other mid entry level brand. (I’m a Canon girl so I’ll refer to them when I do talk gear). They are excited to document their child’s life from birth on. The first couple of months will be easy to take photographs of the baby, they don’t move a lot yet! Once they hit that toddler stage, look out. These little guys are all over the place, where do they get the energy?! I have photographed my clients children at their homes and also in my studio. Either works great, two totally different looks. At their home is more candid and relax dad in the studio is more controlled with lighting and backdrops. Where ever you are shooting I have put together an easy to read info graph to break down the top three tips when photographing children.

top three tips when photographing children


Other things to remember. Have a small toy bin at your studio. Have cheap and fun items in there for kids ages 1 and up. Noise makers are good for the parents to use while standing behind you to get the child’s attention. You are going to want to get them looking toward the camera for at least half of your session. That’s the hardest part since kids get distracted easily. One fun way to get them to look at your camera for a few minutes is with a stuffed animal that fits around your lens. These come in ladybugs, owls, monkeys and more. If you are serious about working with kids I would recommend getting one to have on hand. You may not want to use it right away, but instead put it on toward the end of the shoot when the child is getting tired and bored.

Just a few samples below. All work is mine and please ask for permission before using.

photography children kidsbwbabylaughing

photographing children