Vegas Engagement Session

With summer in full swing I fall behind posting on my blog. I don’t mean too but I end up getting caught up staying on top of my daily tasks, edits and getting them out to clients. So, I’ve been meaning to post the fabulous engagement session of Paul & Nicole’s. This really was a highlight for me to fly out to Las Vegas to meet them for the weekend and shoot their session in the city that never sleeps. Why Vegas you ask? Well, Paul is a fan of the poker tables and they try to go there as a couple every few months. They have favorite restaurants, a favorite hotel and have a great time coming back to them time and time again.

We shoot in and outside of the Venetian and the Palazzo. We headed out to the dessert for a day trip and visited the stunning red rocks. The weather was crazy that day. It was windy and very cold! They did such a great job not portraying the pain of numb feet & fingers! Visually, was in awe by the rocks. They let you hike up and in the rock formations-you could easily spend a whole day there. Then while we were at the bottom of one of the rock formations and the weather shifted, you could smell the rain in the air. We decided it was a good time to head out since flash floods are nothing to mess around with! After building up a big appetite we headed toward the strip and stopped off at In & Out Burgers to refuel. Then a quick break and an outfit change for the last shoot.

The last shoot of the weekend was a special one. They were able to get us into their favorite french restaurant, L’Atelier. I really wasn’t sure what to expect for a weekend engagement shoot but we had a great time and it was one of the hardest edits I’ve had to do! Here are just a sampling of some of my favorites from the weekend. Thanks for being great models Paul & Nicole, see ya soon for the wedding:)