Weddings Portland Style Today!

Tune in today at noon to watch Weddings Portland Style. You may see Ericka and I talking about the upcoming Art of Weddings event. I’m guessing you’ll see more of Ericka since I felt like the words I wanted to say just didn’t want to come out of my mouth the day we taped! I could sit down and chat with you about the event no problem but turn the hot spot lights on, put a mic on me and a large video camera pointed at my face and things change! None the less it was a lot of fun working with Eric of Hybrid Moon for the taping.

Sit back, relax and tune in to the Portland’s CW (it should be channel 3 on cable) at noon today!

Hmm, looks like we were given the wrong date for our taping to air! I’ll find out the new date and get back to you.